Political photoshop humor at its best...lots of george w. bush funny cartoons. Humorous. Everybody is here. Dick Cheney, Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani, Mike Pence, Pat Robertson, they're all here...Jokes and toons about George W. Bush and currently, Donald Trump. And all sorts of funny shit about the election and the election of 2008. Liberals love this site. Political poltical photoshop for the left. Thats how we're labeling it. We haven't forgotten anything. Katrina and George Bush's response to Katrina. The war in Iraq over oil and Dick Cheney's place in all that...9-11. and all the disasters in the Bush administration. Lots of saddam hussein jokes and cartoons. Chris Christie deserves his own gallery. And we can't forget Ben Carson. Nor Donald Trump's love for Putin. This election will destroy the Republican party along with paul ryan, reince priebus, senator mcconnell. Karl Rove and Alberto Gonzales. Liberals are laughing like hell, this is some funny political photoshop. . And forget about partisan politics. Thats actually where this site is. Partisan liberal politics and a photoshop representation for pro democrat, anti-republican jokes and cartoons dealing with political humor. Donald Trump and the republicans in this election is funy and humorous. George w. bush political photoshop for the left liberals and progressives.