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Michele Obama and Donald Tump are having a public mud-slinging contest. It all started in earnest after that tape of Trump bragging...constant bragging about sexual assault in the comany of Billy Bush. And then numerous women come forward to accuse Trump of sexual assault. What's next? Rape charges? The woman who claims to be sexually assaulted on a plane while sitting next to Trump is now being discredited by disparaging her looks. Trump says "she wouldn't be his first choice." Congress, Paul Ryan, the mainstream media have all come under attack. Fuck Trump. He's running a campaign, the Trump campaign, with a scorched earth, take no prisoners approach. Thank Steve Bannon. Thank Bondi in Florida. Thank the Trump Charitable Foundation. Check his income tax returns. We can't because he won't release his taxes. Trump won't release his income tax returns. Vladimir Putin has probably seen trump's tax returns. Ben Carson should be piping up soon. Ben Carson has a way of doing that. This whole thing I'm writing is an attemp to place a bunch of keywords in the body of my website for political photoshop humor. The election of 2016 is funny, humorous.and search engines look for this stuff...you can't just type in a list of keywords. Now robots that automatically scan your site have become so advanced that they can now tell that political poltical photoshop is just a list of terms or is it written out as in a paragraph or a story. It doesn't have to make sense just have a lot of the keywords matching the keywords of the site with those of the pic files and the tags. I suppose when artificial intelligence gets more advanced, they will be able to actually read trump and hillary and bill clinton cartoons. The Republican party is eating itself alive. Right about now they should start screaming about election fraud. How the election is rigged. The rigging of the election is a Republican talking point. Some are even claiming a revolution if Hillary Clinton is elected President of the United States. Presidential politics has never been more frightening or more entertaining. All of this political nonsense is interpreted through Photoshop image manipulation for political purposes. Or poltical purpose because thats a word that's often mis-spelled, political is often spelled poltical by careless search so I include it here as a keyword. TheRepublican Party is dead. The Republican Party is destroyed. Berlin wall. Don't forget that religious hypocrite Pat Robertson. He is insane and a tremendous disgrace just disgraceful.